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Country Profile › Cambodia

Top Rated Players

Name Club League Rating
No Player ImageBIN, ThierryPerak FAMalaysian Super League73
BOREY, KhimBOREY, KhimFree AgentNo League73
ARMSTRONG, DavyARMSTRONG, DavyFree AgentNo League72
VATHANAKA, ChanVATHANAKA, ChanFree AgentNo League65

Top Rated Clubs

Crest Club Manager
Phnom Penh CrownPhnom Penh CrownUnknown
Visakha FCVisakha FCUnknown
Cambodia Tiger FCCambodia Tiger FCUnknown

Biggest Stadiums

Picture of Olympic Stadium Phnom Penh
Report Image
Report Image
Stadium NameOlympic Stadium Phnom Penh
No stadium image available
Stadium NamePrince Stadium
Picture of RSN Stadium
Report Image
Report Image
Stadium NameRSN Stadium

International Team Information

No international team information exists for this country

All Cup Competitions

No cups exist for this country

International Zone